Number four: Extream off road adventure 
Extreme off road adventure

Extreme off road adventure

Much more than a simple racing school or guided low-speed tour, this driving experience pushes the envelope in every way.

Combine the rugged and deliciously untamed landscape of the Baja Peninsula with one seriously mean off road race car and you’ll realise that the next several days are going to push you to your limits.

At this point we should probably warn you that these cars are not for tourists. They are Baja Challenge Cars, renowned for surviving the toughest race on earth - the Baja 1000. With 175bhp hurtling their super-light custom frames across the rugged wilderness, you’ll quickly come to love the the 18 inch shock suspension that keeps your teeth from vibrating out of your skull every time you hit a pothole at 120km/h.

So brace yourselves for some serious fun as you push it to the limit down Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.

Location: Mexico and USA
Price Guide: From $9,000 USD

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