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  • Blue chips underpin modest growth
    Blue chips underpin modest growth

    Despite a higher dollar and tough business conditions, many Australian blue chips delivered solid earnings and higher dividends.

  • What is Forex?
    What is Forex?

    Foreign Exchange, or Forex trading refers to the exchange of global, decentralised currencies, basically, the buying and selling of different currencies.

  • The travelling economist: The European economy
    The travelling economist: The European economy

    Given the financial and banking crisis that has enveloped the European Union (EU), it is no wonder the economy is in recession.

Key market stock indices

Key Stock Index Last Chng % Chng
All Ordinaries Index 4562.37 6.52   0.14  
S&P ASX 200 Index 4557.95 6.19   0.14  
Dow Jones In. Avg. 13169.88 14.75   0.11  
FTSE 100 5806.71 1.66   0.03  
Nasdaq Comp. 3010.24 -1.79   -0.06  
Hang Seng Index 22276.72 85.55   0.38  
Nikkei 500 Index 824.11 -0.1   -0.01  

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  • Getting an equal deal on super
    Getting an equal deal on super

    Recent discussions of marriage equality for same sex couples have highlighted the difference that marriage can make, especially for issues like child custody.

  • Now you
    Now you're over 55, can you access your super?

    If you're 55 or over and you've retired, you may be able to start drawing on your super savings. But if you're still working after you turn 55, the rules can be a bit more complex.

  • DIY super funds humble the majors
    DIY super funds humble the majors

    Self managed super funds have captured half of the growth sector superannuation market. With the returns from DIY funds closely matching those of the professionals, self managed funds are …

  • Top 5 reasons to invest now
    Top 5 reasons to invest now

    Some are born with a silver spoon. Others have their lucky numbers come up. For the rest of us, it’s called investing. It’s a hard slog. It means going without and making sacrifices and …

  • Where
    Where's the best free financial advice

    It’s easy to suffer from information overload these days. Where can your generation get the best free financial advice?

  • Fixed interest rediscovered
    Fixed interest rediscovered

    If fixed interest had been part of your investment vocabulary five years ago you'd be smiling. The big question now is clearly not if but how much.

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  • Buy investments with owner occupiers in mind
    Buy investments with owner occupiers in mind

    If you invest in a property that owner occupiers want to buy, it’s going to appreciate faster than a B-grade property marketed to investors.

  • Investment properties: Starting out
    Investment properties: Starting out

    When thinking of investing in property there are a few quite basic considerations you will need to plan around to get the most from your investment.

  • Taking the property plunge
    Taking the property plunge

    The time for talking is over. You’re ready to buy your first investment property. But where do you start? We cover off some of the basic questions.

  • Buying gold
    Buying gold

    There is something very powerful about gold & with all the economic gloom & uncertainty in the markets it is little wonder it looks more attractive than ever.

  • What should you collect?
    What should you collect?

    Watches, cereal boxes, robots, band-aids, sports cards, vintage photos, comics... all serious collectibles. But to make money you need to follow some simple rules.

  • Collecting cars for fun and profit
    Collecting cars for fun and profit

    Cars resonate with a lot of collectors. Where else can fun and the potential for profit mix so well. We look at how to start collecting and how to do it well.


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